Wallets and Transfers

Every user on BLADE has two wallets: (1) a trading wallet to hold cryptocurrency that can be used to collateralize new orders/existing positions and receive/pay P&L and (2) a cash wallet to store cryptocurrency not subject to trading obligations like liquidations.

Cash wallets (which are the accounts that accept deposits) have dedicated cold storage addresses for each cryptocurrency collateral type (i.e. one for Bitcoin and one for Tether).

Deposit Transfers

BLADE currently accepts Bitcoin and Tether deposits. Deposits are credited in cash wallets after 1 confirmation on the Bitcoin blockchain/Omni Layer. Once available, deposited funds can be instantaneously transferred to trading wallets to begin trading.

Deposits are always free on BLADE.

Withdrawal Transfers

BLADE manually verifies and processes withdrawals daily at 01:00 UTC and users will receive their funds shortly after this time. Withdrawal requests for the same day must be submitted before the cutoff time of 19:00 UTC. Withdrawal requests made after 19:00 UTC will be processed the next day.

Withdrawals incur a network fee of [₿0.0005] per Bitcoin withdrawal request and [₮5.00] per Tether withdrawal request to offset fees charged on the Bitcoin blockchain and Omni Layer. Network fees are automatically added to funds earmarked for withdrawal.

Withdrawal requests may be canceled without penalty before the cutoff time. Withdrawal request cancellations received after the cutoff time may not be accepted.

The minimum withdrawal amount is [₿0.00000001] for Bitcoin and [₮0.00000001] for Tether.

Internal Transfers

Transfers between cash wallets and trading wallets (and vice versa) are always free and instantaneous.